With over 100 beaches along the coast and the harbor of Sydney when it comes to choosing the best beach it’s hard to know where to start. As always, every visitor or local would love to pick the best beach and enjoy their own time around the beaches. The following are the best beaches that you can always visit when you are around Sydney.

  • Shelly Beach

This a perfect beach that is protected from the ocean swell making it ideal for all beach activities at any time of the day. Around this beach, you can join the paddle boarders to glide along the surface or be part of the scuba divers under the water. The beach is located just after Manly on the north side. The waters are still with shallow and deep ends making the beaches perfect for swimming for both adults and children. This is a beach where you will get to enjoy beach life without the distance of the ocean waves.

  • Milk Beach

If you would love to have the amazing views of Sydney, Milk beach is the place to be. This is the beach you can see lots of moored kayakers while enjoying your seafood lunch at any of the hotels located along the beaches. The beach is located on Vaucluse Road just behind the heritage Strickland House. Its tucked-away intimate beach that gets busy during the summer months. During the other seasons, it’s a perfect place to be since crowds have vanished leaving the beaches quiet and ideal places for meditation and refreshments. The beach is known as the best summer beach parties, so you better be prepared to shake your body if you visit during the summer.

  • Manly Beach

As the welcome billboard suggests, this is a million miles from your life cares about a five miles distance from the city. The experience here will leave you thinking of relocating to beach homes. Manly beaches have still blue crystal-clear waters with lots of fun activities throughout the year. The beaches are surrounded by malls and amazing cafes where you get a chance to enjoy drinks and seafood. This is a perfect place to watch the amazing, beautiful waves or simply enjoy watching the view of the beaches. Manly is a beach that you would love to visit time over time after getting there for your first time.

Whether you love swimming, beaches parties, surfing, deep sea diving or any other activities that you would love to do around beaches, Sydney is the perfect place to be. You will get a chance to select from the many beaches and get the best destination that will give you the best experiences that you desire. Whether you are traveling with your family, alone or your spouse, Sydney beaches will always find a place that will entire fit your needs and maximize the experience you would wish to get along the beaches. Every time you visit any beach in Sydney always be ready to get a different experience.